eBay Discount Codes and 7 Other Ways to Get Textbooks Cheap (or Free!)


College is expensive, sometimes prohibitively so.

One quick method to save money on textbooks is from the biggest bookseller in the world: Amazon.com. You can search for amazon promo code textbooks and find a Media Temple coupon code that’ll save you 40% or more off the cost of a textbook. But a textbook at 60% of the regular price is still astoundingly expensive. You can also look on eBay, which has lots of second-hand books available. Plus if you search for promo codes you can save 20% off or more.

Tuition can cost tens of thousands of dollars; there’s no need to add on another few thousand in textbooks. Luckily, there’s a few ways that college students can get textbooks at a discounted price.

1. Off-campus Bookstores.

Official university bookstores tend to inflate prices for everything from scarves and mugs to school supplies and books. Instead of shopping at your university’s official, on-campus bookstore, search for bookstores within the area. The staff at local bookstores often know which books are required for classes and will order them to sell at their store. Almost always, the prices will be lower at the off-campus bookstores.

2. Buy Off Amazon and eBay.

These two websites sell everything under the sun, including college textbooks. They sell new and used copies of books, and getting a used copy will help students save some money if they don’t mind highlighting or other marks in their textbooks. Additionally, Amazon will rent some textbooks to you, which is cheaper than buying them.

3. Visit Some Secondhand Bookstores.

Just like on Amazon and eBay, used books found in secondhand bookstores will be cheaper than brand new ones. Going to a physical bookstore can be better than finding your book online because then you can see the exact condition of the book you are buying.

4. Online Cheap Textbook Suppliers.

If a local bookstore does not have the book you need, you may be able to find it online. One benefit of online discount book shopping is that you can instantly compare prices of books across the world and choose the one best for you. Sites like Thriftbooks.com and AbeBooks are your best bets.

5. Your Local Library.

Libraries often carry books that you may be using in your classes, which you can borrow and use to read and study. While you might not be able to write in the library books, you can still use sticky notes and flags to mark up the book if you need to annotate it. To maximize your chances of finding the books you’re looking for, try to search in the library local to your family home, the local library close to your university, and your university’s own library,

6. Interlibrary loan.

If a library does not have the book you need in circulation, it may be offer a service that sources the book from other libraries in its network. It may take a little bit of time for the book to arrive, but you’ll still be able to get the book for free. Most libraries will even cover the cost of shipping the book.

7. Other Students.

Other college students can help you save money on textbooks.

In almost every case, you’ll be able to find students on your campus who took the courses you’re taking during a previous semester. If you can get in contact with them, they may be willing to sell you their old books. Some universities have groups or forums specifically for students to offer used school materials for sale, which can make it easier for you to find someone who is selling the materials you need.

Costs of college can mount up, and it’s difficult to spend up to thousands of dollars on textbooks when you’re already spending so much on tuition and housing. It can be easy to save a lot of money on your textbooks: you just have to know where to look.

How to Use Daily Deals sites like AbeBooks to Save money on Books.

daily deal sites

There is no denying that most people use daily deal sites, or at least a discount code, to try and save money. One of the best ways, and which has become a favorite, is the use of daily deals sites. With this initiative, a shopper can save up to ninety percent of his or her cash, which is not a bad figure in these hard financial times. You could use that to get a top 200 dollar pair of headphones!

However, most people wonder how precisely these websites help shoppers save money. Utilizing daily deals sites are an effective way of reducing expenditure and saving lots of cash in the long run.

Abebooks Promo Codes = Extra Savings

Daily deal sites like Abebooks.com also offer promo codes on top of their deal offerings, so you can save twice over.

There’s also lots of coupon sites that offer savings on things like web hosting. These Host metro coupons will save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Moreover, working with these sites is also pretty easy and does not require an individual to become an extreme couponer or anything like that. All it takes is straightforward signup after which you will receive daily emails updating you on any specific offers that are available within your area. Most importantly, these coupons last for several days, thereby giving shoppers the flexibility they need.

There’s Lots of Different Daily Deals Websites:

Most of daily deals sites give shoppers a lot of advantages given the fact that they are quite social. In addition to that, different manufacturers have to spend enormous amounts of money in order to spread their products or services. These websites work with retailers and propose to them to put their special offers on their respective websites.

While some are very specific regarding product or service offerings, other daily deals websites offer a wide range of deals on different types of items. As a shopper, all you need is to figure out your favorite website and subscribe to it. Be sure that you provide this kind of information only to reputable websites that cannot compromise your confidentiality and security.

Just like any other online deal, it is essential to conduct thorough research before settling on any site. Finally, all you need is an email address and the willingness to learn the daily deal finders. Nevertheless, a lot of precaution needs to be taken to avoid hurting your credit card score.

The numbers of local businesses that return to these deals and group buying service after their first experience define the effectiveness of these deals. This is not something we are making up to lure you into these deals, the facts and figures speak for themselves.

A survey conducted by leading deal websites has confirmed that group buying and daily online deal sites are now the most effective marketing mediums, especially for local and small businesses. According to the survey, the following facts were revealed.

Before choosing any discount offer, it is crucial checking whether the local business that the discount offer applies to is located within your home area. No matter how weighty the discount offer is, it makes no practical sense take a long journey just to avail daily deal offers. This is because the cost of going there could surpass the actual amount that you are supposed to save.

To get the most out of these daily-deal sites, it is essential that you be open-minded and select deals that can give provide massive discounts. Alongside that, you need to act pretty fast to take advantage of the opportunity. By utilizing daily deal sites like Livingsocial.com, and then applying promo codes, you can keep your book budget under control.